Moral Imagination

What would You love to do on the boat ?

We would like to host a workshop with three core pillars in our approach: Future unborn generations We shift our perspective from the current-day to the future. Looking back on this moment from seven generations in the future. More-than-human world Everybody can reclaim their capabilities to speak on behalf of Nature. Our connection with the natural world will help us fight to protect the natural world we love. Deep evolutionary time By expanding our sense of time and connecting with a sense of the “Deep Time”, we change our perspectives and detach from the urgency of the everyday.

Who is behind this dream?

We facilitate & develop collective imagining to empower people to create shared imaginings of the future. read our manifesto here

How does your event supports Diversity and Respect in Society?

Bringing a group of people from different socio-cultural backgrounds together in a deep process that celebrates diversity.



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