Sonic Spree

A festival for durational sound experiments on and with water.

What would You love to do on the boat ?

DAT Fest is a sound experiment festival that happens, on some years in the fall, every time in a different location. It invites musicians from Berlin and abroad to present new works, ideas, and collaborations, as well as reflections on the context. This year we would love to make a session on water, with musicians invited to contribute sounds playing with this unique environment for an audience both on- and off-boat.

Who is behind this dream?

A collaborative effort, DAT Fest always involves free experimental concerts organiser Noiseberg and other friends motivated to do something unique. It was held in 2016 at Kesselshaus Herzberge, in 2017 in public spaces around Kreuzberg, and in 2018 over 24 hours at State Studio. This year we would like to invite belgian VR-event group Electric Offense to recreate a 3D model of the boat, for the concerts to simultaneously take place in alternate, created versions of the river.

How does your event supports Diversity and Respect in Society?

It was always Noiseberg's and DAT Fest's policy to promote diversity in a natural way, by inviting musicians from all sides of life while keeping the love for music and sound experiments as the main selection criteria. We promote the notion of a safe space that welcomes everyone to play and listen.



Fees for ~15 musicians300 TRY
VR equipment100 TRY
Virtual River Creation200 TRY
Total600 TRY

Existing funds

Sound System200 TRY
Total200 TRY
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
400 TRY

700 TRY

funded of 600 TRY goal

groundtactics contributed 100 TRY

robinboehm contributed 100 TRY

Somebody contributed 100 TRY

lemberthe contributed 100 TRY

Somebody contributed 100 TRY