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confirmed participants so far include Indra Adnan (Alternative UK), Tomas Björkman (Ekskäret Foundation), Hanno Burmester, Erik Fernholm (29k), Daniel Görtz and Emil Friis (Hanzi Freinacht), Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger (Evolve), David Fuller and Alexander Beiner (Rebel Wisdom), Jan Henriksson (MindShift), Pontus Holberg (Klustret & Emergent Sense-Making), Sanna Rådelius (Initiativet & Anywhere), Jonathan Rowson (Perspectiva), Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn (Ekskäret Foundation), Pamela von Sabljar, Anna Katharina Schaffner and Ivo Mensch (Perspectiva/Emerge), and Phoebe Tickell (Moral Imaginations).

How does your event supports Diversity and Respect in Society?

Our gathering is all about the ‘we’ question. How can we become the kind of ‘we’ that is capable of transforming collective intelligence into the meaningful collective action the world needs to grapple with our many urgent current and future crises?  ‘We’ is often conveyed as a tacit injunction to identify with humanity as a whole. But the coherent, benign, discernible ‘we’ that is so frequently called upon to take action does not yet exist. The social change space is fragmented. Each tribe has its own strengths, unique insights and theories of change. But how might this multitude of splintered ‘we’s converge into a greater ‘we’ that is capable of coherence while maintaining autonomy and having impact?  At the gathering, we want to explore what a meta-tribal, post-identitarian community might be capable of. How may we not just hold but thrive on tensions and difference, and encourage forms of collective action that don’t coerce but include and develop individual agency? Together, we will seek to develop visions, methods and ways to be to catalyze the emergence of this ‘we’.



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