Diversity & Respect

WeSalon on water by WE ARE BOR...

WeSalon on water by WE ARE BORN FREE - Empowerment Radio

What would You love to do on the boat ?

The WeSalon is gathering for friends and Enemies of the self-organized Refugee Movement.It is an open space to whatever race, color you have and what you identify yourself with. It is a moment of sharing ideas & strategies, reading, story telling, poetries, eating, firing, drinking, healing, singing and dancing together. It is not a party place or for fashion, business, hype.

Who is behind this dream?

We are born free Empowerment ~radio Station

How does your event supports Diversity and Respect in Society?

It is a platform for work and thoughts about Humanity matters, forgotten voices, discriminated cultures, race, Gender and Continuing healing structures. Everyone ideas is welcome and listening and tolerance are practiced



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