Diversity & Respect

The Multi-Cultural Microbial C...

The Multi-Cultural Microbial Circus

The Microbial Circus is coming to town: Prepare your tastebuds for a multi-multi-cultural experience! 6.8.2021

What would You love to do on the boat ?

We, Jonas & Alexis, would love to bring our circus freak show on board to share their multi-cultural historical background and internal microbial skills (in our microbiome!). We will exhibit such drinkable characters such as Snowflake the Kombucha SCOBY and Harries the Water Kefir Crystals and such edible characters such as Cornelius the 155 year old Sourdough Starter for guests to see, touch, smell, hear and of course taste!

Who is behind this dream?

Edible Alchemy focuses on de-mystifying Bacteria, Yeast and Mold to teach people about their culturing powers. By recognizing these powers, we also recognize the diverse cultural practices that in turn culture our insides. become a multi-multiculturalist. Alexis will be leading Jonas to the boat, towards the Microbial Circus for his 40th year around the sun - he does not know where the circus will land.

How does your event supports Diversity and Respect in Society?

We celebrate the various cultural practices by combining global traditional techniques with local ingredients. We would like to have an informative, fun time on Unkraut sharing this cultural knowledge and understanding through experiencing. BONUS: that Jonas does not know where the Circus is headed - he just has to be a ringmaster and rangle the circus together to get them to 'secret' location.



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