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Zwei am Puls – Meeting the fel...

Zwei am Puls – Meeting the fellow Travellers

What would You love to do on the boat ?

The climate crisis is not just about co2-emissions, e-mobility and hydrogen – its about women's rights, coloialism and wealth distribution, as those who are facing the crisis already today, haven't caused it. But the crisis is also about hope, the hope that we can band together across fault lines, respect and celebrate diversity, show up with all we have: our minds, hearts and bodies, to make our societies more free and just. What we have to do and who we have to be on that path? We'll spend the evening together and explore the answers. About us: Theresa Leisgang and Raphael Thelen spent a year researching ways to face the climate crisis, searching answers among those who know best: communities from the global south as well as indigenous communities, as many of them are already facing the crisis today.

Who is behind this dream?

We are travellers, we are authors, we are weavers, looking for the thread that connects and holds us in times of crisis. Our work has been published in newspapers and magazines ranging from taz to DER SPIEGEL, our book "Zwei am Puls der Erde" came out May 10th. We are hosting a climate journalism network, an UBI experiment and search for new ways of co-exisiting in the transformation orientated Beehive Collective.

How does your event supports Diversity and Respect in Society?

The climate collapse is just one symptom of an underlying perception crisis: the patriarchal gaze that sees the world as a resource at best, an enemy at worst. In this situation it's the Global North on one side, and beyond the frontline – devastation. During our journey we met a wide range of ecofeminist thinkers, experienced their organizing in diverse places ranging from Mozambique to Brandenburg, reflected on our own patriarchal privileges as white, cis persons, searched for ways to transform them.



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