Together in free flow

A journey exploring the realms of togetherness in its transformative dimensions. 31st August 2021 - register:

What would You love to do on the boat ?

We'll start the journey with conscious, gentle and playful movement, coming back home in our bodies. After that, in the opening circle, we come together and present ourselves, sharing where we are at the moment, in our life journey. There will be space for expressing a wish, welcoming qualities for a journey, or letting go traits that are not serving any more. For who wants to offer a gift in the form of experience, creation, ... there will be space in the opening circle for that. The organizers have already some gifts to offer, but doors are open for new magic. From that moment, we embrace a free and safely guided flow of togetherness. In each person uniqueness and richness, the wishes can have a fertile soil to meet each others, surrounded and held maybe in one of the experiences gifted. We close then the journey with a little circle of contemplation. Depending on the group size, each person can mention the qualities they liked most about the others participants. The journey will last around 2hrs. --Photos by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Who is behind this dream?

Othmane Moustaouda and some more magic beings, from different and interwoven backgrounds.

How does your event supports Diversity and Respect in Society?

In each person uniqueness, a feast of diversity is happening under the surface. Embrace fully each person with their stories and backgroundn celebrating diversities and coming togheter. This is our intention.



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